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About VDI

VDI Laboratory, a subsidiary of Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, is a specialty diagnostics company that provides veterinary reference laboratory services and in-house diagnostic products. VDI is dedicated to the research and development of innovative biomarkers to assist veterinarians in the diagnostic workup of companion animals.

Founded in 2006, VDI is a privately held company located in Southern California which is home to many high technology companies.

Our mission, "to provide the highest quality specialty diagnostic services and products for the advancement of care in companion animals", continues with the release of new integrated tests focused on cancer, infection, inflammation and immunity. VDI is proud to offer these latest innovations to pet owners and veterinarians for the convenient and cost-effective detection and management of critical diseases in companion animals.

VDI continues to pursue new biomarkers in a variety of disease states and other challenging situations facing the veterinarian. Please stay informed of these developments by continuing to visit us here at VDILab.com







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