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10.03.2014 | Friday
VDI and Rx Vitamins partner on vitamin D test & treat sloution
Simi Valley, CA- Oct 3, 2014-VDI Laboratory and Rx Vitamins for Pets have entered into a partnership in providing a "test and treat" solution for the high prevalence of pets with vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency. There is a growing body of evidence that in dogs and cats, as in humans, low stores of vitamin D are associated with a wide range of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, IBD, kidney disease, and... more
08.27.2014 | Wednesday
New test panels available for companion animals
Simi Valley, CA- August 27, 2014- VDI Laboratory announced today, the release of two new specialty lab tests for companion animals. The PTH1-84 Calcemia Panel , available for cats and dogs, is used for the diagnostic assessment of hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia. The pCNP Infection Panel, available for dogs, is used in the detection and therapeutic management of critical infections (sepsis). "VDI strives to bring... more
06.30.2014 | Monday
Patterson Vet now offers full line of VDI specialty tests
Simi Valley, CA- June 30, 2014- VDI Laboratory is pleased to announce the expansion of their specialty lab menu offered through Patterson Veterinary Supply. A new agreement with Patterson allows the distributor the ability to carry VDI Laboratory's full, and expanding, line of specialty lab tests. "This commitment by Patterson extends the current offering of 3 tests to 14 total tests," says Steve Gauthier,... more
03.03.2014 | Monday
Change of Service Names
Simi Valley, CA- Mar 3, 2014- VDI Laboratory has announced that as of April 1st, a name change will take effect for two of their laboratory services. Formerly known as VDI-TKcanine+ and VDI-TKfeline+, two of the lab's specialty cancer blood tests, the new test names will be TKCANINE CANCER PANEL and TKFELINE CANCER PANEL. "This change reflects VDI's emphasis on providing specialty diagnostic tests specifically... more
12.16.2013 | Monday
Canine & feline vitamin D tests released
Simi Valley, CA- Dec 16, 2013- VDI Laboratory announced the release of two new tests to their line of specialty diagnostic services. VitDCANINE and VitDFELINE measure [25(OH)D] levels, an important precursor to the active hormone 1,25VitD. "Research continues to show that low stores of vitamin D are associated with a wide range of benign and malignant disease," says Steve Gauthier, Director of Clinical Studies... more
06.10.2013 | Monday
Feline cancer blood test now incorporates a dual-biomarker
Simi Valley, CA- June 10, 2013- VDI Laboratory announced the release of VDI-TKfeline+, the third dual-biomarker blood panel for the detection and monitoring of cancer in companion animals. The original feline test, utilizing a single proliferative biomarker, was released in April, 2011 and has been widely accepted as an aid for the differentiation of feline intestinal lymphoma from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)... more
04.01.2013 | Monday
Feline Haptoglobin blood test now available
Simi Valley, CA-April 1, 2013-VDI Laboratory has announced the availability of VDI-Hpt: the first overnight feline-specific haptoglobin blood test available in the United States. Haptoglobin (HPT) is a major acute phase protein in cats, produced mainly in the liver as a response to inflammation and the release of cytokines. Serum HPT has been shown to be an effective measure of general inflammation and the concentration... more
07.25.2012 | Wednesday
VDI-TKcanine+, a blood test to detect and monitor cancer in dogs, is awarded the Seal of Excellence by the National Canine Cancer Foundation
Phoenix, AZ - (BUSINESS WIRE) - July 25, 2012 - The National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating canine cancer, today announced the awarding of its ‘Seal of Excellence' to VDI-TKcanine+, a blood test to detect and monitor cancer in dogs, and offered exclusively by Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDI). Cancer affects one out of every three dogs... more
01.19.2012 | Thursday
Canine Cancer Screen - VDI launches new blood test
Simi Valley, CA-January 19, 2012-Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc. (VDI) has released a new test that screens for canine cancer in the apparently healthy dog. As part of a routine wellness visit, INCaSe can be used to detect early stages of cancer, or confirm that the dog is cancer free. By detecting cancer earlier more effective treatment options are available, improving prognosis. Using a proprietary... more
09.26.2011 | Monday
VDI completes study on the prognostic use of TK for canines
Simi Valley, CA-Sept, 2011-Cancer is often unpredictable. Sometimes it is responsive to therapy, sometimes it is not. The ability to predict which dogs may have the best chance for survival can help pet owners make decisions about treatment. Prognosis is a medical term used to describe the likely outcome of an illness. Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, INC (VDI) examined how a biomarker, Thymidine Kinase (TK,)... more
04.25.2011 | Monday
VDI-TK cancer blood test now available for cats
Simi Valley, CA-April 25, 2011-The innovative biomarker used to detect cancer, VDI-TK, is now available for use in cats. Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc. which released VDI-TK for canine use in 2010, is now offering the VDI-TK feline cancer blood test. In addition to the cancer diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring roles used in dogs, the feline test brings a new practical use-differential diagnosis. Gastrointestinal... more
03.30.2011 | Wednesday
VDI launches canine cancer screen study
Simi Valley, CA-March 30, 2011-Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc. (VDI) is focusing its efforts on screening for canine cancer on apparently healthy dogs. Certain high cancer risk breeds such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are currently being enrolled in a new study being conducted in conjunction with the University of Missouri. Working with breed clubs across the nation, VDI will collect between... more
03.08.2011 | Tuesday
Biomarker Podcast on Pet Life Radio
Dr. Bernadine Cruz, known as the 'Pet Doctor' with Pet Life Radio (petliferadio.com) conducts an interview with Randy Ringold, President and Founder of Veterinary Diagnostics Institute. In the interview, Mr. Ringold discusses how biomarkers are used to detect and monitor critical diseases in veterinary medicine. The biomarker Thymidine Kinase (TK), used for the detection, prognosis and monitoring of certain... more
11.02.2010 | Tuesday
Webster the Exclusive Distributor of VDI-TK test for Cancer
Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDI) Announces Webster Veterinary Supply as the Exclusive Distributor of VDI-TK test (Thymidine Kinase) for the Detection of Cancer Simi Valley, Calif – (BUSINESS WIRE) – November 2, 2010 – Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc., a specialty diagnostics services provider for companion animals, today announced that Webster Veterinary will be VDI’s exclusive... more
10.01.2009 | Thursday
Veterinary Diagnostics Institute Launches Blood Test for the Detection of Sepsis in Dogs
SIMI VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Oct 1, 2009—Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc., a Veterinary Clinical Ventures Company dedicated to the introduction of innovative biomarkers for companion animals, announces the launch of VDxI pCNP; the first and only test to detect clinically important infections such as sepsis in canines. The pCNP test detects N-terminal C-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proCNP)... more
06.01.2009 | Monday
Veterinary Diagnostics Institute moves to larger facility
SIMI VALLEY, CA - On June 1, 2009, Veterinary Diagnostics Institute moved from the Irvine location to it's new larger facility in Simi Valley, located approximately 40 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, reports the companies founder & president, Randy Ringold. "Our operation was growing rapidly and our existing space wasn't accommodating to the business and our future growth plans," Ringold explained.... more
02.10.2009 | Tuesday
Veterinary Diagnostics Institute and the Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine collaborate in the development of biomarker assay for sepsis
IRVINE, CA - Veterinary Diagnostics Institute(tm) (VDI) announces it has entered into ongoing clinical studies with Dr. Amy DeClue and the Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine for the development of a biomarker assay for detection of canine and feline sepsis. The biomarker assay will be used to detect concentrations of the peptide NT-proCNP (pCNP) in... more
12.18.2008 | Thursday
Exclusive license agreement with Colorado State University Research Foundation (CSURF) and NeoTREX™
IRVINE, CA - Veterinary Diagnostics Institute(tm) (VDI) today entered into an exclusive license agreement with Colorado State University Research Foundation (CSURF) and NeoTREX(tm) of Fort Collins, CO for development of a biomarker assay for detection of canine hemangiosarcoma. The technology, co-invented by faculty at CSU's Animal Cancer Center (a member of CSU's Cancer Supercluster) and investigators at... more



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