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VDI launches canine cancer screen study
03.30.2011 | Wednesday
Simi Valley, CA-March 30, 2011-Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc. (VDI) is focusing its efforts on screening for canine cancer on apparently healthy dogs. Certain high cancer risk breeds such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are currently being enrolled in a new study being conducted in conjunction with the University of Missouri. Working with breed clubs across the nation, VDI will collect between 300-500 samples of apparently healthy dogs to see if Thymidine Kinase 1 (TK) can be useful in the early, unrecognized, detection of cancer in dogs.

TK is a general tumor marker. The biomarker thymidine kinase is produced during the process of abnormal cell replication. VDI has validated its use for canine lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma however VDI has found the test to be positive in other types of cancer. VDI's attention is now turned towards using TK to screen apparently healthy dogs.

The early detection of disease is paramount to good outcomes. If cancer can be detected early in dogs, VDI believes it can have a significant impact on the quality of life for our companions. VDI-TK makes for an ideal screening test due to its low cost and non-invasive nature. A simple blood sample draw during wellness visits can give the pet owner confirmation of health or early warning that cancer may be present.

VDI will continue to monitor any dog enrolled in the study for up to one year following the initial blood draw.

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VDI, a California corporation, is a Veterinary Clinical Ventures Company, dedicated to the introduction of innovative biomarkers for companion animals. Through collaboration with academia and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers, VDI addresses a growing demand in the veterinary healthcare service for advanced diagnostics. The United States has the world's largest population of companion animals, over 160 million, with over $20 billion spent on veterinary care each year. For more information see www.vdilab.com.


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