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VDI completes study on the prognostic use of TK for canines
09.26.2011 | Monday
Simi Valley, CA-Sept, 2011-Cancer is often unpredictable. Sometimes it is responsive to therapy, sometimes it is not. The ability to predict which dogs may have the best chance for survival can help pet owners make decisions about treatment.

Prognosis is a medical term used to describe the likely outcome of an illness. Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, INC (VDI) examined how a biomarker, Thymidine Kinase (TK,) may be useful in predicting which dogs may respond best to treatment by comparing dogs with a low abnormal TK value (15-30 U/L) versus those with a high abnormal TK value (>100 U/L). An observational survey of routinely submitted samples to the Veterinary Diagnostics Institute Laboratory for TK analysis was conducted with a phone survey examining diagnosis, type of treatment, and survival time.

Samples from 49 dogs with cancer were collected. Dogs with a TK value of 15-30 U/L (n=30) had a median survival time of 118 days; dogs with TK of >100 U/L (n=19) had a median survival time of 13 days. Based upon these data, serum TK appears to be a useful test in predicting survival in both LSA and HSA. Future evaluation of outcome relative to concentrations between 30 and 100 U/L is ongoing as is additional data collection.

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