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Feline Haptoglobin blood test now available
04.01.2013 | Monday

Simi Valley, CA-April 1, 2013-VDI Laboratory has announced the availability of VDI-Hpt: the first overnight feline-specific haptoglobin blood test available in the United States. Haptoglobin (HPT) is a major acute phase protein in cats, produced mainly in the liver as a response to inflammation and the release of cytokines. Serum HPT has been shown to be an effective measure of general inflammation and the concentration of HPT correlates to both the severity and duration of the inflammatory stimuli.

There are a number beneficial ways VDI-Hpt can be incorporated into clinical practice. One such use is applying HPT to monitor therapy. Whether treating to resolve an infection, or inflammatory condition, the rapid response provided by HPT provides immediate feedback as to the effectiveness of treatment and stage of recovery making it an ideal tool for monitoring disease resolution. "There is a direct correlation between HPT concentration and the severity and duration of the inflammation. Hence if therapy is successful, HPT will drop quickly," states Randy Ringold, President of VDI. "This is useful to monitor the treatment of severe infections and disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, neoplasia, pancreatitis, and other diseases that induce an inflammatory response. HPT concentrations will react to changing states within hours, making it a very useful measurement for ‘real-time' monitoring in cats."

Incorporated into the pre-surgical blood panel, HPT can detect hidden systemic inflammation which, if left unresolved, adds to anesthetic risk and complicates surgical recovery. Surgery causes tissue damage and will induce inflammation. If the cat is already in an inflammatory state further inflammation stimuli caused by surgery could induce systemic shock (SIRS).

As a wellness screen, no test performs as thorough a screen for general wellness in a cat as does a major acute phase protein. Cats are known to hide their ailments well. Haptoglobin provides the final assurance that a cat is completely healthy. "Far too often, serious disorders can remain hidden and unchecked until they reach the advanced stage where options become limited," continues Randy. "Haptoglobin is the most effective means for detecting underlying systemic inflammation and infection in cats. As a screen for infection, haptoglobin is more sensitive than the more commonly used white cell count."

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