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VDI and Rx Vitamins partner on vitamin D test & treat sloution
10.03.2014 | Friday

Simi Valley, CA- Oct 3, 2014-VDI Laboratory and Rx Vitamins for Pets have entered into a partnership in providing a "test and treat" solution for the high prevalence of pets with vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency.

There is a growing body of evidence that in dogs and cats, as in humans, low stores of vitamin D are associated with a wide range of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, IBD, kidney disease, and more. For dogs and cats, vitamin D is derived from their diet, not sunlight. Most often, commercial food becomes their source of vitamin D. However, many dogs and cats on commercial food diets, and even some on homemade natural diets, are found to have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

The solution to vitamin D insufficiency is a simple blood test to determine the vitamin D level and, if warranted, to supplement. VDI offers both canine and feline vitamin D blood test (VitD canine/feline). Rx Vitamins provides a liquid vitamin D oral supplement (RxD3) optimized for dogs and cats. The VDI VitD clinical lab report provides the exact dosing levels of RxD3 needed to bring a vitamin D deficient/insufficient patient to a level of sufficiency.

Both the blood test (VitD canine/feline) and the vitamin D supplement (RxD3) are made available exclusively to veterinarians throughout the U.S.

About VDI Laboratory
VDI Laboratory (VDI) is a specialty diagnostics company that provides veterinary reference laboratory services and in-house diagnostic products. Since 2006, VDI has been dedicated to the research and development of innovative biomarkers to assist veterinarians in the diagnostic workup of companion animals. VDI continues to pursue new biomarkers in a variety of disease states and other challenging situations facing the veterinarian. Stay informed by visiting VDI on Facebook or at VDIlab.com.
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About Rx Vitamins for Pets
Rx Vitamins for Pets is an innovative, nutraceutical company providing veterinarians with nutritional formulations designed to enhance patient outcomes. Since 1998, Rx Vitamins has set the standard in the development of safe, well-researched, condition-specific formulas that provide the veterinarian with a wide choice of treatment options to complement the conventional care of companion animals.
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