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Veterinary Diagnostics Institute and the Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine collaborate in the development of biomarker assay for sepsis
02.10.2009 | Tuesday

IRVINE, CA - Veterinary Diagnostics Institute™ (VDI) announces it has entered into ongoing clinical studies with Dr. Amy DeClue and the Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine for the development of a biomarker assay for detection of canine and feline sepsis. The biomarker assay will be used to detect concentrations of the peptide NT-proCNP (pCNP) in dogs & cats using a simple blood test.

Sepsis is a complex syndrome that is difficult to define, diagnose and treat.  It is a range of clinical conditions caused by the body’s systemic response to an infection, which can progress to organ dysfunction or failure leading to death. Cases of sepsis are expected to rise in the future due to the increased awareness and sensitivity for the diagnosis, number of immunocompromised patients, use of invasive procedures, number of resistant microorganisms, and the growth in the senior canine and feline population. Early diagnosis is the key to successful clinical outcome in these patients. Currently, sepsis has a 50 percent mortality rate in companion animals.  

Veterinary Diagnostics Institute™ (VDI) is a veterinary clinical ventures company dedicated to the research, development and introduction of innovative biomarkers for companion animals. VDI’s mission is to bring advanced in-vitro diagnostic assays from human medicine, academic research, and pharmacology clinical trials testing to veterinary medicine to improve the quality of care for companion animals.VDI achieves this by collaborating with leading researchers and academia to validate the performance of these tests in "real-life" terms and provide education and reference lab services to veterinarians nationwide.

University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine is a fully accredited teaching hospital and research center. For more than 50 years, the college has built a reputation for educating outstanding veterinarians, providing top-notch veterinary medical care, and initiating novel research into disease processes. The Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory at the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine improves understanding of diseases relevant to people and animals, develops tools for the practical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, and trains the next generation of medical specialists in scientific methodology to facilitate continued application of translational research.  Dr. Amy DeClue is a board-certified small animal internist and a primary investigator in the Comparative Internal Medicine laboratory.  “There is an urgent need for a rapid, bedside test for sepsis in dogs and cats.  The Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory is pleased to be a part of this ground breaking research,” DeClue noted.    

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