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Webster the Exclusive Distributor of VDI-TK test for Cancer
11.02.2010 | Tuesday

Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDI) Announces Webster Veterinary Supply as the Exclusive Distributor of VDI-TK test (Thymidine Kinase) for the Detection of Cancer


Simi Valley, Calif – (BUSINESS WIRE) – November 2, 2010 – Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, Inc., a specialty diagnostics services provider for companion animals, today announced that Webster Veterinary will be VDI’s exclusive distributor for the VDI-TK specialty diagnostic test, a highly specific blood test to detect canine lymphoma and hemagiosarcoma.


“We are very pleased with Webster’s representation of the VDI-TK cancer test”, said Randy Ringold, President of VDI.  “With Webster’s nationwide representation of leading veterinary products, and more than 200 representatives in the field, we believe that VDI-TK is now positioned to become the standard of care for two common forms of cancer in dogs.”


Cancer affects more than a third of all dogs with nearly half dying from cancer over the age of 10.  Studies conducted at major veterinary universities have shown VDI-TK to be effective in the detection, prognosis, and monitoring of canine lymphoma, the most common type of cancer, and hemagiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer predisposed to certain popular breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Labradors.


“VDI-TK is an important addition to Webster’s strategic initiative of providing high quality diagnostics to our customers”, said George Henriques, President of Webster.  “Pet owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the development of cancer in their pets.  A simple blood test for cancer would be unique and a valuable new tool for our veterinary clients.”


About Veterinary Diagnostics Institute                                                        


Veterinary Diagnostics Institute , a California corporation, is a veterinary clinical ventures company dedicated to the introduction of innovative biomarkers for companion animals.  Through collaboration with academia and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers, Veterinary Diagnostics Institute addresses a growing demand in the veterinary healthcare service for advanced diagnostics.  The United States has the world’s largest population of companion animals, almost 200 million, with over $22 billion spent on veterinary care each year.  For more information see www.vetdiag.com. 


About Webster Veterinary Supply


Webster Veterinary Supply, a division of Patterson Companies, Inc., is the leading distributor of veterinary supplies to companion-pet veterinary clinics in the eastern United States and the second largest nationally. One of the most respected names in the veterinary supply industry, Webster is a value-added, full-service distributor of consumable supplies, equipment, diagnostic products, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.


About Patterson Companies, Inc.


Patterson Companies, Inc. is a value-added distributor serving the dental, companion-pet veterinarian and rehabilitation supply markets.

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