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Canine Health & Cancer Screen


INCaSe canine
Health and cancer screen for the apparently healthy dog

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CRA chart

Clinical Background

CRA Score
Thymidine kinase type 1, TK1, involved in the salvage pathway of DNA synthesis, indicates dysregulated proliferation - a hallmark of cancer. C-reactive protein (CRP), is an acute phase protein, produced mainly in the liver as a response to inflammation and the release of cytokines. CRP has been shown to be elevated in a wide range of cancer types.

The Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA) score unifies TK1 and CRP to assess the overall risk of cancer and other serious diseases. As the CRA score approaches 10, the likelihood of cancer increases significantly. CRA scores at or below 5.3 indicate a low risk of cancer event in the coming six months.


C-Reactive Protein
CRP is very sensitive to a wide range of inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, IBD, and autoimmune disorders. The concentration of CRP correlates to both the severity and duration of the inflammatory stimuli. Transient acute inflammation may be seen after immunization, infection or trauma. Chronic inflammation is often associated with neoplasia and other serious inflammatory diseases. Abnormal CRP values should be carefully evaluated.




 Chemiluminescent and Sandwich Immunoassay 
Units (Range)  CRA Score index (0-10)  CRP mg/L (0.5-50)
Sample Requirements  Serum≥1mL; SST tube / separate & freeze within 45 min
Interferences  Gross hemolysis / Gross lipemia
Stability  Room temp: 1 hour / 4 °C: 4 hours / -20 °C: 30 days



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 In order for a wellness screen to be effective, it must be able to detect a full spectrum of early stage serious occult disease, for better outcomes and lower overall treatment cost. Many tests currently being used for screening, leave out one important disease- cancer. Given it affects 1 out of 3 dogs, and 50% over the age of 10, a truly effective screening test should be able to detect it. INCaSe® does just that- it casts a wide net covering many diseases, including cancer.


Dual Biomarker Test Design

INCaSe® combines the information obtained from two independent measures of system irregularity; abnormal cell division and systemic inflammatory activity. Thymidine kinase (TK) is a measure of dysregulated cellular proliferation. C-reactive protein (CRP) is elevated in the presence of systemic inflammatory disease.


Hidden Disease in the 'Apparently Healthy' Dog

A major clinical study conducted with the University of Missouri and Tufts University was published in Veterinary and Comparative Oncology . The initial intent of the study was to examine how TK and CRP could be used to detect cancer in apparently healthy dogs, but was expanded to investigate overall health. In a large study group of 360 dogs followed for up to one year, incidence of cancer and serious disease were followed:

Cancer Risk Assessment Score (CRA)

 Identify dogs at risk for cancer

360 dog

Strat Chart
Strat table


C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Evaluation

 Identify hidden disease through the presence of inflammatory response



CRP chart






CRP and Serious Disease

CRP is very sensitive to a wide range of inflammatory disease such as heart disease, kidney disease, and autoimmune disorders. Within the study, if you only looked at death as an endpoint of serious disease, those with increasingly elevated CRP had a higher mortality rate, up to one fourth, compared to only 3% with low CRP.



INCASE report







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