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VDI is focused on the diagnostic workup of inflammatory diseases. While the core panels involve cancer differentials, these additional acute disease panels are useful in the workup of other inflammatory disease states. Specialized tests for specific applications, when used in conjunction with other diagnostics (routine diagnostics, physical exam, etc) can be used to rule-in specific inflammatory disease.


One of the challenging aspects to managing certain diseases is the ability to monitor quantitatively the outcome of therapy or disease progression. VDI’s range of specialty blood tests are often times used more for disease monitoring since they provide an objective, quantitative view on disease progression, therapy effectiveness, or early indication of relapse.

Available Panels

Osteoarthritis Panel

Diagnose and monitor osteoarthritis in dogs using the dual-maker OA Panel. The OA Panel uses Hyaluronic Acid, a marker of degenerative joint disease, and C-Reactive Protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker, to rule-in osteoarthritis in the suspected dog. Once diagnosis has been made, the OA panel is a useful tool to monitor therapy and disease progression.

Calcemia Panel

Determining the root cause of hypo or hypercalcemia should be quick. Using the Calcemia Panel, visually identify the source of the abnormal calcium. For results landing in the area of hypercalcemia of malignancy, a simple reflex to the Cancer Panel can rule in cancer as the cause.

Vitamin D Toxicity Panel

Patients suspected of being vitamin D toxic, should be evaluated for PTH, Calcium and Vitamin D levels. The Vitamin D Toxicity Panel includes all three, and graphically displays if the dog is at risk of Vitamin D toxicity.

IMHA Panel

IMHA confirmation and monitoring is now possible with the IMHA Panel. Using Thymidine Kinase type 1 and CRP (dogs) or HPT(cats), heightened levels confirm disease and with control, levels decline.

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