Intelligent Diagnostics

The use of laboratory diagnostics is vital in the workup of patients, both apparently healthy and acutely ill.  The combinations of positive/ negative test results linked to a particular disease are numerous and requires veterinarians to remember these combinations even for diseases not frequently seen. To provide further diagnostic assistance, VDI is now using hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical research articles and the aid of computer algorithms to help decode these diseases.

Interpreting the List

One of the biggest concerns with abnormal results on an otherwise healthy patient is: What to do. Where to look, how invasive, how serious? Using the differential list of possible sources of inflammation – direct your focus on the diseases that are most likely (based on clinical research and big data) to make decisions relevant to the case.

Unlocking the Code

The combinations of normal and abnormal results from lab tests creates a digital and visual code. This code can be seen on the differential list provided by VDI. As the code changes, the lists of diseases alters: sorting, eliminating, and ranking probable diseases. The more parameters input, the more focused the list becomes.

Intelligent Reports with VDI

VDI uses intelligent diagnostics to help guide in the workup of abnormal test results. When screening tests are outside of reference intervals VDI Intelligent Diagnostics points you in the right direction. Intelligent reports come with all VDI Wellness Panels – helping you with some of the most challenging cases.

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