Portable Microcentrifuge

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– On Sale for VDI testing Clients: $375- 

CAPP Rondo Microcentrifuge – Provides Power and Flexibility for Mobile Veterinarians

The CAPP Rondo microcentrifuge is much more than just a standard microcentrifuge, it’s an extremely quiet unit, even at full speed, and takes up very little space due to its small footprint. Equipped with high-quality suction pads, the CAPP Rondo microcentrifuge remains stable on any flat surface, even during extended duration runs at full speed. 

Mobile Veterinarians or clinics with limited bench space, will appreciate the compact size and versatility of this centrifuge. 


*Note: VDI test services require SERUM samples.  Please contact VDI with questions regarding proper collection and handling of samples to ensure specimen integrity.

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