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Submission Requirements

Specimen Requirements

  • 1mL Serum, SST preferred
  • Fasting not required (preferred for B12 tests)
  • Avoid severe hemolysis and lipemia
  • Apply to Dried Specimen Test Kit immediately (Or freeze if not applying to device)

Specimen Stability

Inside DSTK Packaging: Specimen Stable for 14-21 days

If not immediately applying to DSTK, specimen may be stored in -20c freezer for 30 days prior to application on DSTK.

Shipping Specimens

Dried Serum Test Kit

Specimen must be packaged in the foil pouch containing the barcode, then inside the the white and yellow return envelope. Samples must arrive to the lab within 14 days of preparation. Missing either the internal foil pouch, or return envelope may result in sample rejection.

Frozen Serum Tests

Please contact VDI prior to shipping for test requirements and shipping requirements.

Ship Specimens To

Dried Serum Test Kit

VDI Laboratory
Lab Receiving
PO Box 2217
Simi Valley, CA 93062-2217

Frozen Overnight Specimens

VDI Laboratory
Lab Receiving
4685 Runway St. STE K
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Access Lab Reports Online

Lab reports can be accessed at or by clicking the blue 'Results' button at the top of this page. Reports are issued to the submitting facility/clinic.

Testing Days

VDI tests specimens Mon-Fri, excluding holidays. Reports are typically generated the day the specimen arrives, typically around 1700 PST.

Dried Serum Collection Kit Common Errors

  • Do not allow specimen to air-dry
  • Device goes inside foil pouch, then inside the return envelope
  • Improper pipetting [under/overfill]
  • Failure to adequately close packaging
  • Fill out ALL patient information, including name on the foil bag
  • Include Test Requisition Form

Dried Serum Collection Kit Video

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