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VDI supports independent studies for companion animal diagnostics

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VDI Laboratory supports our industry partners with clinical research for the development of new products and services for the veterinary market. From blood-based biomarker research for innovative new diagnostics, to studies using our tests to validate product effectiveness, VDI is proud to advance veterinary science. See some of the studies we have been part of below.

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Clinical studies supported by VDI


  • TK1 in canine splenic HSA
  • TK1/CRP screening healthy dogs for cancer
  • TK1/CRP in spontaneously occurring cancer
  • VitD association with cancer in dogs
  • VitD correlation with health and cancer risk
  • Effect of diet on VitD levels
  • VitD in infectious respiratory disease complex
  • VitD in dogs with gall bladder mucocele


  • TK1 & CRP for Monitoring Therapy in dogs with cancer
  • TK1 as a marker for equine lymphoma

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