VDI is dedicated to the research and development of innovated diagnostics and laboratory solutions. Our team continues to find new ways to bring state-of-the-art technology and services to veterinarians and the pets the care for. VDI holds a number of patents across the space which drive further innovation, which ultimately leads to new tests, products, and services available to our customers.

Puppy with laboratory supplies and microscope

Clinical Research

Since its inception, VDI has participated in and sponsored numerous clinical studies on the use of blood-based biomarkers for screening, diagnosing, and monitoring disease in companion animals. This is an ongoing effort that is a pillar of VDI’s mission.

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Intelligent Diagnostics

VDI is committed to providing answers, not results. It’s easy enough to put numbers on a page and tell the veterinarian “good luck.” VDI’s approach is to provide as much information that is useful, actionable, and information based on any information provided to us. The more you give, the more you get.

Our reports are context-sensitive, in-depth, and utilize intelligent diagnostic systems to provide excellent value to the veterinarian. All to make your job easier and faster.

VDI Laboratory's patented Samplla Device for specimen submission.

Logistics Technology

Sending out blood samples and histopathology is expensive. Whether it’s an additional charge to you, or built into the cost of the test, shipping is only getting more and more expensive – especially when that shipping involved cold packs, Styrofoam boxes, and overnight shipping. VDI recognized this inevitability and developed a patented new technology to avoid the increasing cost of logistics: Samplla┬«.

Samplla is the core technology behind VDI’s Dry Serum Test Kits – a specialized transport method that allows samples to be stabilized at ambient temperatures for up to 4 weeks. This stability provides flexibility in shipping method and speed, ensures sample integrity, and allows for international shipping.