VDI Laboratory

VDI is the leading veterinary blood diagnostics provider in the fields of cancer, inflammation, essential vitamins, osteoarthritis, and wellness.

About VDI Laboratory

Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDI) was founded in 2006 with a single purpose: make advanced diagnostics, developed for humans, an option for the care of our pets.

VDI noticed a growing disparity in diagnostic tools available to veterinarians as compared to their human counterparts. Is there a reason why our pets shouldn’t get the same level of care as we do? Why don’t veterinarians have the same diagnostic tools available to them as human doctors do?

The veterinarian’s job is challenging. Multiple species with different biology, combined with patients that can’t speak and us what’s wrong. If anyone needs specialty blood tests and advanced diagnostics, it’s the veterinarian. This is VDI’s mission.

High Complexity testing machine used by VDI Laboratory

Company Timeline

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  • Launch GI Lymphoma Panel for dogs
  • Launch Advanced GI Panel, Chronic Enteropathy Panel, Pancreatitis Monitoring Panel
  • Launch cPL/fPL
  • Launch Cortisol
  • Launch Cancer PanelLymphoma
  • Launch Fur Mineral Analysis
  • Launch Allergy Panel
  • Launch Allergic Dermatitis Panel
  • Launch Hyaluronic Acid test for felines
  • Introduce Test & Treat for Joint Health with Hyaluronic Acid/TrixSyn
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  • Launch of AgaricusBio by SuperFoods, for cancer support
  • Introduce and Launch “CAR” (CRP/Albumin Ratio) for disease severity prognosis.
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  • Launch Vitamin D Toxicity panel
  • Launch Folate
  • Launch Feline GI Lymphoma Panel
  • Launch of Magnesium Supplement for Pets, by MagnumSolace
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  • Launch Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Chem12, Hyaluronic Acid, Osteoarthritis Panel, Pericardial Effusion Panel, Pre-Stem Cell Therapy Panel
  • Rename INCaSe to Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Relaunch test menu with new panels, new test names, and application-specific panels
  • Initiate Partnership with NeoDin Biovet for test distribution in Korea
VDI Samplla device: patented blood collection device.


  • Launch Dry Serum Test Kits.  VDI developed patented technology, Samplla, for stabilizing fluid samples for extended periods of time.  VDI services begin transition to Dry Serum logistics.
  • VDI becomes full distributor for Rx Vitamins products, supporting Test & Treat
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  • Launch TK-equine.  Blood test for the determination of lymphoma in horses.
  • Partnership with Kepler Diagnostics to develop Samplla® technology
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  • Reorganized company, Veterinary Diagnostics Institute becomes parent company to VDI Laboratory (VDI)
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  • Launch Vitamin D Spot Saver Kit.  First blood test using dry specimen transport.
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  • Initiate Partnership with Rx Vitamins For Pets for Vitamin D Test & Treat
  • Launch Calcemia Panel: test for determining the cause of hyper/hypocalcemia
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  • Launch the TK-Feline+ Cancer Panel, two marker panel (TK1 and HPT) for diagnosing and monitoring cancer in cats.
  • Launch gold-standard Vitamin D test for cats and dogs
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  • Launch upgrade to cancer test.  TK-Canine+ Cancer Panel, two marker panel (TK1 and CRP) for diagnosing and monitoring cancer in dogs.
  • Launch INCaSe canine health and cancer screening:  First true screening test for cancer in dogs.
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  • Launch Partnership with Webster Vet Supply (now Patterson Vet Supply) for distribution
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  • Launch first TK1 cancer test for dogs and cats:  VDI-TKCanine, VDI-TKFeline.  First blood test on the market for diagnosing and monitoring tumor activity in companion animals.
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  • CardioCare sold to IDEXX, currently sold as CardioPet
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  • Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDxI) Founded
  • Launch CardioCare, NT-pro-NP marker: A blood test for cardiac diseases in dogs and cats.