Pre-Stem Cell Therapy Panel

Confirm your patient is cancer-free prior to Stem Cell Therapy

Fuel on the fire

Stem cells should not be given to dogs with active tumors.  The introduction of additional, undifferentiated cells, may cause tumor growth – essentially adding fuel to the fire. Using a DNA proliferation marker TK1, and inflammatory marker CRP, the Pre-SCT Panel is sensitive to hidden tumor activity.  When everything is normal, your patient will have the green-light to receive therapy.

Pre-Stem Cell Therapy Panel

The Pre-Stem Cell Therapy Panel (PreSCT) is a multi-marker panel for the detection of occult cancerous process prior to the administration of stem cell therapy. Also included are Vitamin D level and Hyaluronic Acid, a degenerative joint disease marker, for supporting and monitoring effectiveness of therapy.


Dogs intending to undergo Stem Cell Therapy should be evaluated using the Pre-SCT Panel to ensure there is no hidden cancer prior to therapy.  Post-therapy, reflex to the Osteoarthritis Panel (OA Panel) for monitoring. 

Sample Reports


Dogs with known cancer, active VBD, liver disease, or recent physical trauma should not be evaluated. Additionally, patients on corticosteroids and NSAIDs should contact VDI prior to testing.

Pre-SCT Panel includes Vitamin D

Vitamin D has multiple roles in the body, but two that are critical to stem cell therapy are immune-modulation and cell differentiation/activation, both of which may have an impact on the success of therapy. It’s well documented that most unsupplemented dogs are vitamin D insufficient. The associated Vitamin D report that comes with this panel has patient specific dosing guidelines to correct any insufficiencies.