The right tests for the right decisions™

VDI Laboratory is a leading veterinary blood diagnostics provider in the fields of cancer, inflammation, essential vitamins, osteoarthritis, and wellness. VDI is advancing diagnostic interpretation with intelligent, context-aware reporting.

Cancer Blood Tests

VDI is a leader in cancer diagnostic blood tests. From screening for early cancer detection, to initial diagnosis of a suspected cancer and through to monitoring therapy and disease progression, our portfolio of cancer blood tests give you the tools you need to manage cancer in your patients.

Cancer Diagnostics

Diagnose and Monitor cancer in cats, dogs, and horses using blood tests. An effective first-step for cancer management.

Feline GI Lymphoma

Differentiate Lymphoma from IBD in the GI cat. Avoid the biopsy using a simple blood test to rule-in GI Lymphoma.

Cancer Screening

A true screening test for healthy dogs. Detect cancer early, or give pet parents piece of mind that their dog is at low cancer risk.

Wellness Testing

Wellness Testing

The best defense against cancer is being healthy. Taking the steps necessary to identify disease early, find and correct nutritional deficiencies, and track high-risk conditions starts with a simple blood test. Part of your pet’s annual, or bi-annual, vet visit should include bloodwork. But is it the RIGHT tests? VDI offers a collection of wellness panels designed to detect disease, correct vitamin deficiencies, and find those pets who are at risk for more serious complications like cancer and osteoarthritis.

Essential Vitamin Testing

Wellness starts with diet. Unfortunately many diets lack the essential vitamins necessary. VDI offers a comprehensive Test & Treat approach to get your patients Vitamin Sufficient.

General Wellness Testing

Using high-sensitivity inflammatory markers, with intelligent diagnostics, VDI takes wellness in a whole new direction: identifying disease early.

Specialty Wellness Testing

Certain dogs are at high risk for serious diseases like cancer and osteoarthritis. VDI offers advanced wellness tests, specifically designed for the early detection of these diseases.

Acute Care Testing

Acute Care Testing

VDI continues to innovate and bring acute care and specialty blood diagnostics to use in companion animals. Below are some of our currently available panels for use in your practice. Add these tests to your tool set to help manage your patients with these diseases.

Osteoarthritis Panel

Degenerative Joint Diseases, like osteoarthritis, can present before clinical signs. Now, a simple blood test can alert you to the presence of OA.

Pre-Stem Cell Panel

As Stem-Cell Therapy continues to gain traction, it’s important to remember: don’t throw fuel on the fire. Ensure your patients are cancer free prior to administering stem cell therapy.

Calcemia Panel

Make diagnosing the root cause of abnormal calcium easier, with the VDI Calcemia Panel. Visual report gives you quick insight to the cause of your hyper/hypocalcemia.