GI Microbiome Panel

The results for this patient indicate there may be an issue with the flora of the gut.  Changes to the microbiome can have profound impact on various systems in the body and may be primary or secondary to the presenting disease.  Consider evaluating this patient’s microbiome using the GI Microbiome Panel.  

Reason for Recommendation:

Bacterial Dysbiosis

The B12/Folate profile for this patient is sometimes seen with bacterial dysbiosis. Dysbiosis occurs when the gut microbiota is disrupted, resulting in loss of diversity or loss of overall bacteria count. Damage to the small intestines, chronic inflammation, and antibiotic use are the common causes, and it can be primary or secondary to chronic enteropathies.

Common clinical signs of bacterial dysbiosis include gas, bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting.  If these signs exist, consider testing the GI microbiome.

More on the GI Microbiome Panel:

• Identification of known pathogenic species
• Total quantification of Bacteria and Fungi as well as relative abundance
• Diversity Information
• Evenness and Richness Scores (canine)
• Antibiotic Resistance Information
• Antibiotic Selection Guide to promote good antibiotic stewardship
Stool Sample
   • Freshly collected using Stool Collection Kit
   • Roughly pea-sized amount
   • Stable in the tube at ambient temperature – no refrigeration required

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