303 – Calcemia Panel ❄

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VDI’s Calcemia Panel is a three biomarker panel for the determination of root-cause of abnormal calcium levels. Unlike other similar panels, VDI offers gold-standard test for PTH and Vitamin D, that are not currently available through other laboratories.  VDI graphs the results in a visual way that helps for quick result interpretation.

VDI utilizes the gold-standard in Parathyroid Hormone testing: PTH 1-84. Unlike intact PTH (iPTH), VDI measures the entire PTH sequence (84 amino acids) with no fragment interference that is common with intact PTH; particularly the 7-34 fragment which often accumulates in renal disease.

VDI provides patient-specific dosing guidelines for Vitamin D when levels are insufficient.


Additional information


Canine, Feline

Patient Status

Acutely Ill, Suspected Cancer


Parathyroid Hormone 1-84 (PTH), Total Calcium (tCa), Vitamin D (VitD)

Specimen Type

Serum (Frozen)

Dry Serum Volume

2 Wells


Not Required