We’ve Moved!

We’re excited to announce that VDI has moved into our new building as of May 19th. As our service menu expands, the need for additional space to support the latest and greatest technology became vital. Please read on for all the details about this transition and how it may impact you:

New Address:

9420 Topanga Canyon Blvd #100
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Shipping Specimens

VDI has transitioned to the new address for all inbound samples. This includes Dry Serum Test Kits which will begin to receive a new return shipping label included with kit orders. For all other shipment methods (express, frozen serum, etc) the new building address should be used going forward.


Kit TypeLabel TypeDetails
Dry Serum Test Kit
Fur Analysis Kit
USPS First Class Label
USPS Priority Label
VDI will continue to operate the PO Box for at least 2 years. Samples shipped to the PO Box will continue to be accepted during this time.

New kit orders will come with the new labels. No need to exchange.

If you batch ship dry samples to VDI, be sure to use the new address.
Dry Serum Test KitFedEx Billable StampsContact VDI to have your billable stamps replaced with labels containing the new address.
Frozen Serum Test KitFedEx Clinical Bag with LabelContact VDI to have your billable stamps replaced with labels containing the new address.


Many of our clients batch ship samples to the laboratory using their own supplies and shipping method to reduce costs and improve delivery times. All shipments made like this should come directly to the building at the new Chatsworth address.

Shipment TypeLabel TypeDetails
FedEx Express
FedEx Ground
UPS Next Day
UPS Ground
Priority overnight or Standard overnight shippingUpdate your system to ship to the new Chatsworth address effective immediately.
USPS Flat Rate
USPS Ground Advantage
USPS Priority
Canada Post
Post office labelWhile VDI will continue to operate the PO box for two more years, directing your shipments to the new Chatsworth address is preferred. Update your systems as soon as possible.
InternationalVariableBegin shipping to the Chatsworth address.

Replacing FedEx Labels:

For Billable Stamps (Dry Kits):

Once you receive your replacement labels, you may discard any labels with the Simi Valley address – preferably by shredding or cutting through the barcode to ensure they are not accidentally used.

For Frozen Serum Test Kits:

  1. Open your Frozen Serum Test Kit and remove components
  2. Identify the FedEx Clinical Bag with the affixed label
  3. Apply the new label (Chatsworth address) overtop of the existing label – ensuring it’s securely placed, covering the other labels’ barcode and address.
  4. It’s recommended you make this change immediately to all kits once you receive your new labels. Doing it later may result in forgetting about it.


How many labels do you need replaced?

Please only select as many as required, additional labels should be ordered through the online shop.

Quick FAQs:
What if I ship to the PO Box?
VDI will continue to operate the PO box until the end of 2025. Your samples are safe! Dry Kit orders will begin receiving labels with the new address starting by the end of this week – no need to swap them out, just use the ones you have.

What if I ship to the Runway Street address?
VDI will give a best attempt to redirect the package, but in the event we are unable to retrieve it, the sample may arrive late and be rejected. Please be sure to check before shipping any samples to prevent this from happening.

All my kits have the Simi Valley address:
Dry Kits have the PO Box address on the envelope – see above.
FedEx Labels (Frozen Serum Kits or Billable stamps for Dry Kits): If you have FedEx labels for your kits, please contact us to get the labels swapped out to ones with the new address.

Do I need to wait for new the labels to arrive?
NO! If you have samples that need to go, ship them with the labels you have. Once the new labels arrive then switch, but until then don’t wait – ship your samples.

What if I ship on my own?
Make sure you update your address on file to ensure packages are going to the new location!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

email: [email protected]

phone: 805-577-6742