740 – GI Microbiome Panel (Bacteria & Fungi)

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Requires Fecal Sample collected using the Microbiome Stool Collection Kit.   Samples not submitted using Microbiome Stool Collection Kit will be immediately rejected.

The microbiome is a vital part of the physiological health of animals. Its involvement in homeostasis, metabolism, immune activity, neurological behavoir and beyond, speaks to the importance of having a healthy gut. Understanding the state of the GI microbiome can help you manage your GI cases and provide better care to your patients with GI issues.  VDI has partnered with MiDog® to provide Next Generation DNA Sequencing for the GI microbiome in dogs and cats. This process generates a quantitative and complete picture of the microbial community, unlike traditional culture, PCR, or more limited microbiome tests.

Included with the GI Microbiome Panel is:

  • Complete bacteria & fungi quantification
  • List of potential clinically relevant species
  • Antibiotic resistance for relevant species
  • Total composition
  • Richness & evenness scores




The MiDOG® All-in-One Microbial Test is rooted in ultra-deep Next-Generation DNA sequencing technology. This process uses millions of DNA sequences derived from the microorganisms present in a sample to generate a quantitative and complete picture of the microbial community.

MiDOG® integrates proprietary bioinformatic algorithms with curated databases to extract meaningful data from sequencing results. These data are used to generate a comprehensive report, including infectious agents and antibiotic resistance identification, to help guide the diagnosis and treatment of infections.

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Canine, Feline

Patient Status

Acutely Ill, Suspected GI Disease


Microbiome Test

Specimen Type



Not Required