109 – Canine Complete Wellness

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Canine Complete Wellness is a 21-parameter panel for the detection of occult disease and evaluation of essential nutrient levels.  Identifying and correcting essential vitamin deficiencies is an important step to ensuring the long-term health of the dog.  VDI provides patient-specific dosing guidelines to correct low levels when they appear.  Canine Complete Wellness also looks for systemic inflammation which healthy dogs should not have,  early signs of cancer and degenerative joint disease, and provides guidance to the possible source of abnormal test results.  Be proactive not reactive with a single blood panel for overall wellness in dogs.

Base Chemistry Profile includes: TP, Alb, Glob, A/G ratio, BUN, Creatinine, BUN/Creatinine, ALT, ALP, Total Bili, Glucose, Calcium


Health screening using a sensitive inflammatory marker, CRP, should begin once the dog reaches an adult stage.  Annual testing while apparently healthy is the minimum recommended interval with bi-annual screening being the most effective way to detect the presence of occult disease.

Dogs at risk of cancer benefit from bi-annual testing of CRA.  For best results, CRA should be performed every 4 months.

Dogs at risk of degenerative joint diseases should be tested annually or bi-annually for best results.

Evaluating essential vitamin levels should start once the dog reaches adult stages and establishes their adult diet.  Once diet has been stable for 3 months, test baseline vitamins and correct any insufficiencies with supplementation, or consider a diet change if values are considerably low.  VDI provides patient-specific dosing guidelines for both Vitamin D and B12.  Recheck intervals are every year once sufficient unless diet or health changes occur.


Additional information



Patient Status

Apparently Healthy


Basic Chemistry Profile (Chem12), C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA), Folate (Fol), Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Magnesium (Mg), Thymidine Kinase type 1 (TK1), Vitamin B12 (B12), Vitamin D (VitD)

Specimen Type

Serum (Frozen or Dry)

Dry Serum Volume

3 Wells


Recommended: 8hr