Dried Serum Test Kit – Single

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One Dried Serum Test Kit for submitting samples to VDI. Test kit can be used for any VDI Lab Service for one patient. Standard Kit comes with USPS tracking (US only). Billing for services is done after testing is completed.  Use included requisition form to select tests.

Express Service:

  • Order FedEx Billable stamps from VDI to have convenient access to our express service. If you elect to use Billable Stamp you will be charged at the prevailing rate:
    • Two-Day Express (grey stamp) – $17
    • Overnight Express (purple stamp) – $27
  • If you do not use express shipping labels, then you will not be charged for the service.
  • You may also call VDI for a FedEx label to be emailed to you instead of using billable stamps.

Test Requirements: 

    • ~1.0mL serum
    • Apply fresh serum to the device within 2 hours of blood draw
    • previously frozen serum should be brought to room temperature prior to applying to the device
    • <7day turnaround
    • Express (24 hour) Testing Available upon request


  • Avoid hemolysis & lipemia



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