269 – Advanced GI Panel (AGI-16) ⭐

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A 16-parameter blood panel for a complex problem

Patients presenting with gastrointestinal signs are often a challenging workup as the disease pathology can be multi-factorial. Diseases such as IBD, Pancreatitis, PLE, LSA, SIBO, and Cholangitis may exist concurrently.   Additionally there can be underlying allergies causing the signs, or Addison’s Disease could be the culprit.  This 16-parameter panel is designed as a comprehensive evaluation of the GI patient.

Using VDI’s Diagnostic AI, GI diseases are identified not on a single test result but the SYNERGY of multiple parameters, providing a higher level of confidence.  VDI includes patient specific factors such as age, clinical signs, medication, and more to deliver a patient-centric profile.

By integrating multiple tests along with signalment, these relationships are exploited to provide the veterinarian ACTIONABLE data.  If deficiencies are noted in Vitamin D, B12, or Mg, VDI provides precise patient-specific supplement dosing to correct the problem.

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Canine, Feline

Patient Status

Acutely Ill, Suspected Cancer, Suspected GI Disease


A/G Ratio (A/G), Albumin (Alb), C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Cortisol, Folate (Fol), Globulin (Glob), Haptoglobin (HPT), Magnesium (Mg), Neoplasia Index (NI), Pancreatic Lipase (cPL/fPL), Thymidine Kinase type 1 (TK1), Total Protein (TP), Vitamin B12 (B12), Vitamin D (VitD), Allergy Panel, ALP, ALT

Specimen Type

Serum (Frozen or Dry)

Dry Serum Volume

4 Wells


Recommended: 8hr