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Oral Hyaluronic Acid Supplementation Proves to be Effective for OA

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Background Degenerative joint disease encompasses a wide range of diseases with osteoarthritis (OA) affecting 20% of all dogs and 80% in dogs greater than 8 years.  In its advanced stages, OA can be painful and debilitating.  Treatment of OA typically centers on reduction of pain and increased mobility. A key component of synovial is hyaluronan […] Read more »

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Hyaluronic Acid – A Joint Health Test

There is a growing body of evidence that Hyaluronic Acid is an effective marker of degenerative joint diseases in dogs: Background:Serum hyaluronic acid (sHA) and CRP are a simple blood test for the early detection of degenerative joint disease as well as post-therapeutic monitoring for therapy effectiveness.  Positive sHA values are to be interpreted as […] Read more »

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Testing Joint Health with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a molecule that exists inside the joints in cats, dogs and humans. Its main purpose is to lubricate and prevent the bones in the joint from rubbing against each other, breaking down, and causing bone and ligament damage. As joints degrade, this molecule is leaked into the blood stream, where testing […] Read more »